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All Spinner Dave's Select Blades are custom designed to my specifications.  I am pretty particular about blades and pass that obsession for the best blades on to you with my products.  I think you will find way more options on patterns than you may think you would ever need.  Couple all these innovative, practical and cutting edge patterns with the adhesive lure tapes I offer and you can truly find that one-of-a-kind spinner that catches fish for you. 

The smallest in the FB series blades.

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 The FB (Fat Boy) Series Blade is now available in size 4 1/2.  Pattern selection expanding quickly on this size.

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#5 1/2 FB Series Blades

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New size 7 available in limited patterns.  More coming soon...

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See all the Tape Shape Series blades here.  The concept is simple, a colored, blank "canvas" that enables you to utilize the variety of lure tape shapes and dots to create your own unique patterns.


Premuim heavy gauge brass blades available in a limited selection of sizes and finishes.  Along with the standard metal finishes, the Super Glow colors have been a big hit.

  NW Series Blade Patterns

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Welcome Aboard! UV Skirt gets another fish.