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The AX Series blades are a slim version of the bear valley style blade. The image below is an actual size representation of the 3 sizes in the series (may vary with screen size).

All three of these blades fish very well with each having a specific niche that they fill as well.

The #3 fishes great as a spinner, with or without a skirt and works extremely well in front of baits--herring, anchovie or prawns.  The #4 makes a great top blade if you are looking to do a tandem blade spinner and fishes great as single blade spinner as well.  If you are trolling fast or fighting fast current, this blade will impress. The #5 has a unique "bump" in the cup that gives this blade a great "feel" as it spins.  Be sure to check out the descriptions of each of these in thier separate category home pages.

AX #3 Blades

AX #5 Series Blade