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Please Note:  Spinner Dave's is transitioning from an "older" version of the SKS Series Blades to a "New" version.  In order to let you know which blades are which, please note that all the "old" version blades will have an item number that will end in 15 to distinguish them from the "new" version.  More new version patterns are on the way as of June of 2016.  Supply of the old version are limited to stock on hand and will not be available once gone.  Thank you.

The SKS Series Blades (aka Sac King Slayer) have been catching fish for a good number of years down on the Sacramento River.  In that fishery, the double bladed spinner concept has been the standard rather than the exception.  So, Spinner Dave's has taken the two blades used on these spinners and given them just a bit of a tweek, added cutting edge finishes/patterns and made them available to the spinner builder.  The SKS 7 blade fishes very well on the tandem as well as single blade spinner designs.  This blade has been proven effective in a nubmer of fisheries in the Northwest as well as Alaska, holding it's own very well against the old tried and true blades like the FB and B10 series blades.

 Please note:  As of 3/1/16, in the interest of the Relentless Pursuit of the Perfect Spinner, the SKS Blade has been slightly tweaked.  Although the "orignal" definitely did well on the water for the last couple seasons, the SKS now has more cup to it which creates a bit better "feel" on the pole tip and overall better performance.  A good number of finishes, including SG patterns are now available with more on the way.

The image below shows the SKS blade combined with a #4 AX blade on a spinner built in the typical manner as used on the Sacramento River for trolling for kings.  Either of these blades can be fished solo as well with good sucess. 

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