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Please note:  The custom spinners listed below are for custom spinners made to order.  If you want to order these spinners, you must email me with the details on what spinner you want.  If you order either the skirted or non skirted spinners below, you will get a random selection from inventory on hand unless you have specified the color you want.  Thanks!

This catagory is for custom products. If you would like a spinner made "your" way, just email me or call and we can get you the spinner made exactly how you want it. Pricing will vary depending on the size and configuration you want. Custom products can be produced quickly, most will be shipped within 2 days of ordering but order early if you need them for a specific time frame.

email to: spinnerdave@hotmail.com

Call or text to: 907-252-6140

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Custom Taped FishTail Flashers