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Lure Tape

I always found it difficult to get the exact shape I wanted on my lure tape with the cut-with-scissors approach.  The standard and New 'DS' aka 'Double Shrammie' tape patterns will make it as easy as peel and stick to enhance your blades. The DS concept came to me from my friend Dave Schamp in Oregon.  The two-piece shape can be used in a variety of combinations on a number of blade sizes/styles to customize your patterns.  I have brought in a variety of colors and as I get feed back, I will be bringing more assortment to the selection.  The black is a great and easy way to stay on top of the 'black-back' craze on the Columbia River fishery. 

Available in 24 packs or 100packs

See the color chart and more information at the bottom of the page or for more info click this link


To view a short video illustrating some helpful hints on applying the DS Tape Shapes and the High Contrast UV Dots, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS5j6EFHUKM&feature=youtu.be


Custom and Exclusive tape shapes that fit a variety of blades sizes. 

2" Wide X 8" Long Tape Strips


4" wide tape strips

See all the dots available.  Includes UV colors.

Please note that the two peice DS Tape Shape pattern will fit nicely on the size 6 and 7 FB blades and the #8 Beacon Blade as well as the #9 and 10 Alaska Mag blades.  They also fit on almost any blades styles in the #6 and up including Indiana, Colorado and Willowleaf blades along with many versions of those style blades on the market today.  A new, smaller version of the DS Tape Shapes will be available soon that will work well on the smaller sizes of the same styles of blades.