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As of April 2017, Spinner Dave's is transitioning to a new online storefront with the name Top Line Spinners.

In order to assure that you are shopping spinners that are in stock, ready to ship, please click the link below to

go to you new online storefront.  You will find a large selection of top quality spinners. 

Top Line Spinners

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 See the #5 B-10 Series Spinners here

The A-x Series is made up of 3 sizes and a large variety of patterns.  The selection in ready made spinners in this category will be built up as we get time to get some built and added to inventory. 

See all the skirted versions of the B10 Spinner Series.  

See all the skirted versions of the "FB" Series here.

FB Series Spinners in size 5, 6 and 7

Magmum Bear Valley Spinners

NW Series Spinner featuring FB 7 Blade Patterns

See the NEW "Rocket" Spnners here...

Size 3 and 4 Rotating Flasher Compatable Spinners

SKS (Sac King Slayer) Series Spinners

Fishery Specific Selections

The "Squid Bomb" Spinner Series