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Magmum Bear Valley Spinners

The Magnum Size 9 Bear Valley Blade has been brought back by popular demand at Spinner Dave's.  The blades are big, measuring 2 9/16" long by 1 1/8" at the widest.  As more patterns roll in more spinners will be added to this category. If you are looking for a spinner with a big blade and some big "thump", this is it.  If you are fishing the spinner trolling fishery on the Sacramento river, these big bladed spinners are definitely worth some spin time.

Below: actual size image.  May vary with screen size.

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#9 Mag Bear Valley Spinner/Hex Brass w/Chartruese Tip/Treble Hook/1 each

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#9 Mag Bear Valley Spinner/Pearl w/Red Tip/Hex Copper Back/Treble Hook/1 each