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Image is actual size.  May vary with screen size.

Actual Lengths:  #0-2 5/8"    #1-3 1/4"     #2-3 7/8"    #3-4 3/4" (not pictured)

During the 2014 spring and summer fishing seasons, Spinner Dave's put together a good number of special orders for trolling spoons for customers.  These customers are dragging me, kicking and screaming into the trolling spoon business.  The hex pattern along with glow colors were highly sought after and well received.  Couple these with the Spinner Dave's custom SG holographic finish and these spoons are really something to behold.  So, as of October 2014, a small selection of trolling spoons are now available.  Throughout the winter and into the spring of 2015, Spinner Dave's troling spoon inventory will be expanded.  The three sizes pictured above will be the basis for the line with painted patterns including multi-color, glow and SG finishes will be included in the line.  Thank you for your interest in trolling spoons and please, keep an eye out for the additions to the coming months.

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#1 Premium Trolling Spoon/Hex Brass/Fl. Org/Chart/Green Tip/Hex Brass Back/1 per pack


#1 Premium Trolling Spoon/Hot Metallic Chartruese w/Chartreuse tip/Hex Silver Back/1 per pack


#1 Premium Trolling Spoon/Silver SG w/Black/Blue Edge/Hex Nickel Back/1 per pack


#1 Premium Trolling Spoon/Silver SG w/Hex Nickel Back/1 per pack

The SG Black/Blue Edge is proving to be a productive pattern.